Retention devices retainers
(maintenance of teeth in the correct position)

  • Removable plate retainer

    3800 ₴

  • Osamu-retainer (capa two-layer thickness 1.0-2.0 mm)

    2000 ₴

  • Osamu-retainer (capa two-layer thickness 2.5 mm)

    2000 ₴

  • Fixed metal retainer 1 tooth

    350 ₴

  • Fixed metal retainer for 6 teeth

    1800 ₴

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Correct bite ensures proper functioning of the jaw and oral cavity as a whole.

Did you know that after the end of treatment with orthodontic appliances or aligners there is a need to wear retainers? Retainers are an important phase of orthodontic treatment that helps to maintain the achieved result and avoid repeated displacement of teeth.
At the Eurozet dental clinic, we offer high-quality retainers that help maintain the achieved effect after treatment with orthodontic appliances or aligners.
Retainers - the price of which you can see on our website - are special devices that are worn on the teeth after removing the bracket system or aligners. They help hold the teeth in the correct position, allowing natural processes to solidify the new position of the teeth.
In our dentistry, we offer different types of retainers, depending on your needs and requirements. One of the popular options is a fixed retainer, which is attached to the back surface of the teeth and remains invisible to others. Another option is a removable retainer that can be easily removed during meals and oral hygiene.

Also, in addition to retainers, in our dentistry there is an opportunity to install trainers for teeth.

Trainers are special devices that help straighten teeth, especially in children and teenagers. They can be used to correct small deviations of the teeth and further develop a correct bite. The trainers work on the principle of gentle stimulation of the facial muscles and align the teeth, gradually bringing them into the desired position.
We offer a variety of trainers, including individually trained trainers for children. They are specially designed for aligning teeth in a soft and comfortable way. Our trainers help improve the development of the maxillofacial area and ensure a correct bite in the future.
In addition, at our Eurozet dental clinic, we understand the importance of comfort and the aesthetic appearance of a smile for our patients. That's why we offer trainers that provide comfort when worn and are invisible during communication. They are made of high-quality materials that do not cause allergic reactions or irritation.
Contact us at the Eurozet dental clinic and learn more about our services. Our orthodontists will help you choose the best option for aligning your teeth. We work to make your smile perfect and your teeth healthy.


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