Professional dental hygiene in children

  • Professional hygiene of temporary teeth

    500 ₴

  • Professional hygiene in variable bite / permanent teeth

    600 ₴

No weekends:
from 09:00 to 21:00

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We understand that it is important to create comfortable conditions for your child during hygienic brushing. 

Our dentists provide explanations and demonstrate proper brushing techniques so your child can develop healthy oral care habits on their own.
Do not forget that hygienic tooth brushing is important not only for children, but also for adults. In our dentistry, we also offer hygienic teeth cleaning for the whole family, helping to maintain a healthy oral cavity and prevent diseases.
Contact our Eurozet dental clinic to get professional hygienic teeth cleaning for your child and the whole family. We strive to achieve the highest standards of dental care and provide you with a healthy and radiant smile.

In our Eurozet family dentistry, we provide hygienic teeth cleaning services for children and their parents, providing them with a healthy and radiant smile.

Our dentistry specializes in professional oral hygiene. Our children's dentist has a lot of experience working with children and knows how to properly adjust them so that they are not nervous during the procedure. We use safe methods and quality materials to ensure the effective removal of plaque, tartar and other deposits from the surface of your or your child's teeth.
Hygienic tooth brushing is important to prevent caries and gum disease.It helps eliminate bacterial plaque that can contribute to the development of caries and supports healthy gums. Our dentists pay special attention to all aspects of oral hygiene, including brushing, gum care, and teaching children proper brushing techniques.
We understand that a pediatric dentist can be your child's first dental experience, so we work carefully and create a comfortable atmosphere in the office. Our specialists treat children very attentively and carefully, providing them with the necessary support and understanding during the procedure.


Maxim Oleksandrovich

Surgeon, orthopedist


Anastasia Romanovna



Vadim Oleksandrovich

Surgeon, implantologist


Anna Oleksandrivna



Olga Volodymyrivna

Therapist, endodontist-microscopist

No weekends:from 09:00 to 21:00
St. Marshal Tymoshenko 21
St. Princely Zaton 14 B

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