Panoramic photo of teeth (OPTG)

  • Panoramic shot

    350 ₴

  • OPTG + TRG

    700 ₴

  • TRG in the side

    450 ₴

  • TRH in a straight line

    450 ₴

  • TRH in direct projection + TRH in lateral projection

    750 ₴

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Dental panoramic radiography (OPTG): The key to accurate diagnosis and treatment planning

A panoramic image of the teeth, also known as an orthopantomogram (OPTG), is an important tool in dental diagnostics. This type of imaging provides a broad perspective of the entire maxillofacial region, including the teeth, jaws, joints, and adjacent structures.

How the procedure goes

A panoramic photo of the teeth is a non-invasive and quick procedure. The patient simply stands in front of the device, and the special device makes a complete revolution around the head, capturing images of the entire maxillofacial area. This greatly simplifies the process of obtaining diagnostic data and provides convenience for patients.


One of the main advantages of a panoramic image of teeth is its high informativeness. This image allows dentists to assess the condition of the teeth, determine the presence of caries, inflammatory processes, bone defects, resolve the issue of missing teeth, tooth roots, developmental anomalies, and other structural abnormalities. Such a detailed examination of the maxillofacial area helps the dentist make an accurate diagnosis and develop an effective treatment plan.

n our clinic, we use the VATECH PaX-i3D Smart computer dental tomograph - model PHT-30LFO manufactured by TECH&E-WOO - the world leader in the production of tomographs.

Computed tomography allows you to get 2 images in 1 scan: a CT image and a panoramic image of the teeth. This is convenient if you need both images and helps avoid overexposure.
LOW DOSE – low radiation dose and HIGH IMAGE QUALITY – high image accuracy. That is, the tomograph allows you to perform high-quality diagnostics with minimal radiation exposure. And thanks to 3D visualization, the doctor has the opportunity to reproduce various processes, for example, tooth implantation.
The innovative device in the form of an arch on this model allows you to get a wider view of the dentition (including wisdom teeth). There are no hidden zones.
From all this, we conclude that computer tomography is the most accurate modern method of diagnosis in today's dentistry. It is not necessary to prepare for a CT scan. Choose a convenient time, call us or register on the website and come. The procedure takes up to 10-15 minutes.


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