Installation of a crown on a tooth

  • Zirconium crown (without application)

    6500 ₴

  • Metal-ceramic

    3000 ₴

  • Metal-ceramic crown with individual application, shoulder

    3300 ₴

  • Cast crown

    1500 ₴

  • Ceramic lining E-max

    4500 ₴

  • Metal-free crown, semi-crown, E-max veneer

    7000 ₴

  • Crown based on zirconium oxide

    7500 ₴

  • Коронка на основі оксиду цирконію

    7500 ₴

  • Коронка на основі оксиду цирконію

    7500 ₴

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Crowns are the ideal solution for restoring damaged or missing teeth.

They are quite popular in dentistry because they have a natural look and restore the entire functionality of your teeth. At our Eurozet dental clinic, we offer quality crowns that fit your needs and budget.
One of the types of crowns we offer are metal-ceramic crowns - the price is indicated on our website. They combine the strength of a metal base with the natural look of a ceramic coating. Metal-ceramic crowns perfectly reproduce the shape, size, color and texture of your natural tooth, while having high strength and durability.
Another popular option is zirconium dental crowns. This material has a high transparency and a natural appearance, which allows you to achieve an unparalleled result in the restoration of teeth. Zirconium crowns are strong, biocompatible and very durable, while giving your smile a natural look.

The Eurozet team installs perfect crowns on the tooth, the price of which is indicated on our website.

We carefully plan every step of the procedure, from taking an impression of your tooth to applying the final coating. You can be sure that your smile will look natural and attractive.
Our Eurozet dental clinic offers a wide selection of crowns at an affordable price. We understand that each patient has their own unique needs and capabilities, so we work with each client, helping to find the best option.
In addition, in our dental clinic, we use only those materials that allow us to accurately select the color range of crowns and ensure the most natural appearance of your smile.
If you need a tooth crown, we will gladly advise you on choosing the best option, taking into account your individual needs and financial capabilities. Our goal is to make your smile bright, attractive and healthy.
Book a consultation at our Eurozet dental clinic, and our team of experts will be happy to help you achieve the desired result. You deserve top-notch treatment for your smile, and we're here to make that a reality.
Do not hesitate - take the first step to a perfect smile today!


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Surgeon, implantologist


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Therapist, endodontist-microscopist

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