• Bone plastic I category of complexity

    15000 ₴

  • Bone plastic II category of complexity

    20000 ₴

  • Bone plastic III category of complexity

    30000 ₴

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We know how to restore bone structure and ensure successful dental implantation.

Regardless of the method, our dentists carefully plan each case of bone grafting, taking into account your individual needs and medical history. We strive to achieve the most accurate and predictable results possible, taking into account all aspects such as the volume and location of the bone needed, as well as recovery and healing time.
After a bone graft procedure, we provide you with detailed post-operative care instructions to help you recover quickly and ensure successful healing. Our team of dentists will follow you throughout the recovery period, providing the necessary support and guidance.
First of all, it is important to note that bone grafting will be individual in the case of each patient. The effects and results of the procedure can vary depending on many factors, such as your general health, bone density, and other medical factors.
At Eurozet Dentistry, we are proud of our achievements in the field of bone plastic surgery. Our team of dentists is constantly improving their knowledge and has access to the latest techniques and materials to provide you with the best treatment and results.
Book a consultation at the Eurozet dental clinic, and we will gladly conduct a detailed examination and offer you a clear plan for bone plastic surgery.

Do you dream of a healthy and attractive smile, but the lack of bone structure becomes an obstacle to successful dental implantation?

Bone plastic allows you to restore the necessary amount of bone tissue and provide optimal conditions for implantation.
At Eurozet Dental Clinic, we have extensive experience in performing bone grafting procedures, and our dentists have advanced techniques to achieve the best results. Bone grafting can be performed using various materials and technologies, depending on your individual needs.
One option for bone grafting is to use autogenous bone, which is obtained from another part of your body, such as a donor site in the jaw or thigh. This method allows you to get a natural material that matches your own bone structure as much as possible, providing a stable and long-lasting result.
Another approach to bone grafting is the use of allogeneic bone or bone substitutes. These materials provide the necessary support and stimulate the growth of new bone in the area where reconstruction is needed. They are safe and effective alternatives to autogenous bone.


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