Individual kappa in bruxism

  • Individual kappa in bruxism

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Individual kappa in bruxism: an effective way to control nocturnal chewing activity

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding or teeth grinding, is a common condition that can cause a number of unpleasant symptoms. This is excessive chewing or clenching of the teeth, which occurs mainly during sleep. This can lead to enamel loss, tooth damage, headaches and other problems. Custom mouthguards for bruxism are an effective solution for controlling this condition and ensuring the health of your smile.


One of the main benefits of using custom mouthguards is their precise fit to your tooth structure. This is a custom-made dental product that is created based on impressions of your oral cavity. Such an individual approach allows for maximum accuracy and comfort while wearing a mouthguard. It perfectly adapts to the shape of your bite and acts as a barrier between the upper and lower teeth, preventing them from improper contact and reducing the load during teeth grinding.
Control of nocturnal chewing activity is another significant advantage of individual kappa. It helps to reduce the tension and tension of the chewing muscles, which occurs during teeth grinding. Kappa distributes the pressure evenly, protecting the teeth from excessive compression.


Maxim Oleksandrovich

Surgeon, orthopedist


Anastasia Romanovna



Vadim Oleksandrovich

Surgeon, implantologist


Anna Oleksandrivna



Olga Volodymyrivna

Therapist, endodontist-microscopist

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