Bügel prosthesis

  • Bügel prosthesis 2 category on clasp fixation

    13000 ₴

  • Bügel prosthesis clasp 1 category or with lock fixation (without the cost of fasteners)

    16000 ₴

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Bügel prosthesis: Convenience, stability and functionality

Bügel prosthesis is one of the most common and effective methods of replacing lost teeth, which provides patients with convenience, stability and restores full chewing functionality. This type of prosthesis is used to replace missing teeth and support the dentition.
The Bügel prosthesis consists of a metal frame, which is reliably fixed on the basis of the teeth remaining in the oral cavity. The prosthesis has special hooks or buckles that are held using clamps or other fixing elements. This design provides a stable and reliable attachment of the prosthesis, allowing the patient to use it comfortably while eating and speaking.


One of the main advantages of braces is their stability. Bügel prostheses have a metal frame, which is securely held at the base of the remaining teeth. This ensures stability and minimal movement of the prosthesis during eating or talking. Patients can feel confident and comfortable when using a brace, as it hardly moves in the mouth.


Maxim Oleksandrovich

Surgeon, orthopedist


Anastasia Romanovna



Vadim Oleksandrovich

Surgeon, implantologist


Anna Oleksandrivna



Olga Volodymyrivna

Therapist, endodontist-microscopist

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